Monday, August 09, 2010

Visit to Shivaganga

Got an opportunity to visit Shivaganga yesterday by trekking.

I visted along with my Son Sujay , Wife Shobha, Sister Nandu and Anju.

We left Bangalore late (due to my office timings).Although we did not get direct bus to Shivaganga, from Majestic we reached Dobaspet .From there we took another bus to Shivaganaga. Even lot of autos are also available.

When we reached there I thought I did a wrong decision as it was late and it was around 3:30 PM already. When we started climbing Shivaganga hill ,within no time I felt tired. Shobha told you can carry on I will stay here only.I thought to give company to her there only...! But she started to climb again .I followed her.

More info about Shivaganga :  

About 60 Kms from Bangalore on Tumkur road one has to take a diversion at Dobbaspete and ride for another 6 Kms to reach the base of the tallest(supposedly) peak in Bangalore district, Shivganga. There are lots private buses plying between B`lore and Shivganga. Its also called Dakshin Kashi as it is believed that Shiva-Parvathi vivaaha took place here too. Halfway through the trek one comes across a cave temple of lord shiva. There is a hole in the cave behind the sanctum sanctorium, of diameter such that only one's hand can go in. It is believed on dipping the hand in this hole if one can reach water inside one is blessed.

Olakallu Teertha

A further way up is Paataal Ganga, a water pond in a cave, supposed to be the ganges river water which had come here to witness the marraige of Shiva and Parvathi.
On top of the mountain there is another small temple of Lord Shiva and VeeraBhadra.
One encounters Nandi's sculpted in all sizes as one treks to the top. This place is a popular pilgrimage place and the localites do the trek bare feet. One can see a huge white bull sculpted half way up.
A huge statue of Nandi Statue
View from top of Shivaganga
Taking rest


nanditha tm said...

Really enjoyed it!

niveditha said...

Short and nice outing! We really dont feel tired with a nice company. Suju must have had a nice time

jnaneshwara said...

yes it was a good outing Nive.Good company helped to climb.Suju not only enjoyed but he climbed 95% by himself...!

geethanjali said...

wat a outing,it was so nice.enjoyed the most