Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Trip to Siddhara betta

On March 7th I had been to Siddhara betta(hill) Trip (trekking).        I Visited siddhara betta along with my close friends and old room mates. We have been friends since 2001.Now most of us are married. Remaining couple of bachelors are following our foot steps and will join married's club shortly .!

Siddhara betta(Hill) is near Tumkur .Its around 3 hours journey from Bangalore.

Some more information about Siddhara betta :

It is Sacred Place where 9000 siddaru(Holy spritual men) made  meditation and worship of Lord Shiva, They got Mooksha(Freedom)  from this Eternal world .Here is famous temple suituated at the  Top of the Hill. It is very difficult to Climb this rock Cultured beautiful temple.

A rocky hill with temple and caves at the top are the attractions here. Though the major crowd which visits is the one of pilgrims. This place also interests trekkers and other nature lovers. Cave exploration is a enjoyable experience.