Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 : The year that was

2010 will be remembered for scams :

1.The Adarsh Co-operative Housing Society scam in Mumbai, the commercial capital of the country..

Out of 104 units only three have been actually given to families of Kargil war heroes  ..

Maharashtra chief minister had to quit.

2.The 2G spectrum scam122 telecom licenses were issued without auction

Telecom minister Raja had to resign resign because of the scam. Investigation is under progress

3.Common wealth games(CWG) Scam :

Roofs of stadiums and a overbridge collapsed due to inferior material and bad construction. If that wasn't enough, imagine they rented a liquid soap dispenser for Rs 187 from one firm and bought the same from another for Rs 9,379!

2010 Common wealth games Organising committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi became public enemy number one in the CWG scam

4.The Karnataka land scam :

The Karnataka land scam is all about keeping it in the family. Chief Minister B S Yedyurappa is accused of denotifying prime land in and around Bengaluru and then allotting it to his sons, relatives, juniors and colleagues for 1/10th their value.

Inspite of all these scams of crores of rupees, still there is news of relief.

Indian athletes did very well in common wealth games in Delhi  & Asian games held in China.

Hope 2011 will be year of peace and prosperity