Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day with APJ Abdul kalam

I got an opportunity to see and listen to "Missile man of India" APJ Abdul Kalam On Thursday 29th July.

Couple of days back when   my father Shri Shivanandaiah, told me that APJ (Abdul Kalam) is coming to Blore on 29th July ,I felt it is a right opportunity to meet , see and listen to him..a person who is known as Missile man of India & who stepped down & worked and later known as a "peoples president".

On that day, function was suppose to start at 4 PM , but rain started pouring in heavily.But my enthu to meet him did not diverted my mind.Thanks to delay in flight kalam came 1 hour late.I got an opportunity to see him from very near.Took many of his  photographs Listened to him speech from a very short distance.

Although I could not take autogrpah from him, I told my younger brother Avi, to take my photograph with him as there was a heavy rush and crowd was there.I was lucky here.

Below are few of his thoughts and  ideas on that day in his speech:

1.Have a aim in life and work hard towards realizing goals.Having a small aim in life is a crime.We need to work with integrity.Its important achieve success with integrity, he said.

2.Dr.Kalam emphasized that each individual should plant 10 saplings to achieve a target of having 10 billion new trees by 2015.Encouraging youngsters to inculcate the habit of reading.Kalam advised studnets & paents to have home library to start with at least 10 books.

3.Kalam advised although corruption has spread across nation , we can start removing from root from home itself. He told if we are doing injustice or corruption in home and if we are caught by children that is the biggest insult any one can get .

By his speech no one can even imagine that he is 79 years old. We can see a bright future in his speech and a dream for India and a mankind.

Come we all will put our hands, efforts and share our knowledge and make India a developed nation.. :-)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life through SMS

Mobile has become part of our life in recent times.

I have big friends circle. I get different kind of sms on my mobile.

SMS means "Short message service". Mainly it is used in short message to people.

Couple of days back when I was thinking to write a new post a thought strike in my mind to write post on sms only.
I have retained few sms since years as I feel they are close to reality, lessons for life..
Usually v use short cuts , symbols in sms.
Few service providers have offered sms package itslef to attract young generation & those who are eager to send messages.

Some time we also get ads of different products or comapnies which irritates us as they get our contact numbers through friends or diferent mobile provides sells our mobile and contact details to differnt companies without our knowledge to make money.

Below are few of the sms which I have received which shows different faces of life ,friendship,festivals, motivation,fun, on day...............

I . SMS on Life :

1).Life means missing expected things & facing unexpected things..
When you are near no one remembers u..
But when you are far no one forgets u..Thats Life

2). We have only two options in life.
Try to accept what we cant change
Try to change what we cant accept

3). The biggest blessing in our lives is simply the presence of people who  cares much,love for real and see us much beyond ourselves. 

4).Life does not provide warranties and guarantees.It only provides possibilities and opportunities.Dont miss them, mest of it.

5). Never pray for an easier life, pray to be a strong person.Never pray for tasks equal to your power,But for power equal to conquer your tasks.

6)."Do not be troubled about the future 4 it has not yet come.Live in the present and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

7).Do u want happiness in life ? Then  never search 4 love,Always b lovable to others.

8). When u move your focus from competition to contribution , Life becomes celebration. Never try to defeat people, just win them..

9). Two rules that will help for a peaceful life.
     1>.Failure should never go to Heart(depression)...
      2>.Success should never go to Head(ego).

10). "You can be happy in your life at all times..If you simply avoid two things:"Comparing" and "Expecting".Life will be more "BEAUTIFUL".

11).Take risks in ur life..If u succeed , u can lead others..!If u fail u can guide others..!-Swami Vivekananda.

12).Chikkvariddaga  bayasiddu sigadiddaha..attu padeeyutteve..Doddavaraadaga bayasiddu sigadiddaga attu mareyutteve.. This is Real life..

II.  On  Day :

1).Welcome every day as a new day,Special day,good day,wonderful day and happy day.
Enjoy every part of the whole day.Have a great day..

2).If you have knowledge,let others light their candles with it.-Winston churchill
Good morning and Happy morning.Have a Successful day.

III. Motivational  and Inspiration SMS :

1) Sometimes we feel all doors are closed in our life..But, all the closed doors may not be locked.They may be waiting for our knock..

2) Look ur past with satisfaction ..
Handle ur present with confidence..
Prepare Ur future without fear..
"Life is in ur hand.Live Happily

3).Feeling Tense?"Think me",Feeling Sad?"Call me"Feeling Lonely?"See me"Feeling Sleepy?"Dream of me..My name is "Self Confidence"Never lose..

4).When God solves your problems,you have faith in his Abilities..When he does not solve your problems it means that he has faith in your abilities

IV. On friendship :

1).A request 4m me..
" I want you to be my friend only two times in my life."
"Now and forever"..!

2)Friendship is an evergreen relation which never thinks why we are friends.But when 2 friends miss each other their heart feels something is missing :)

3)Friends r the worst tenants:
a)They occupy our heart.
b)They pay no rent
c)They dont vacate easily.
d)When they leave they leave the place broken

4). A friend  is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be..Take Care..

5). True friends never leave each other..Sometimes they fight,argue,they may sit quiet but in their mind they will always say, I'm still here for u..

6).I luv each stupid buddy of mine Coz Life is Hell without them & hell is heaven if v r together :).Dedicated to my lovely  frindz :-) Wish you hpy friendship day.

7).Friends are  the worst tenants:1.They occupy our heart.2They pay no rent.3).They dont vacate easily.4)When they leave, they leave d place broken.

V. On Corporate  World :

1)." When I dont do it on time,"I AM LAZY"!!
"When my boss does not do it on time, He(She) IS BUSY!"

2). 3 signs that a persob is working in the corporate world.
       c).Still well dressed .!!!

VI. On Changing mobile or updating new numbers :

Hi this is my new number.U can reach me on this number...

VII . ON Birthday :

1).Wishing You A Happy Birhday ...From....... (Family members name)

VIII. On Festivals, New Year ,Republic day :

1).May Lord Ganesha bless you with prosperity and bliss--

2).Wishing u and ur family a Very New Year.May your each day be blessed with peace , prosperity & Happiness too...


T=Truptis of joy,happiness,unity and love. Heres wishing you nd your families a



Wish u Happy Sankranti to u and ur family

4).  HOLI : As we celebrate Holi, we are reminded how family, friends and colleagues bring so much colour to our life colours of  joy,happiness unity and love.Heres wishing you and your families a very happy,colourful and safe Holi !

IX.Funny SMS:


2003 Anthrox
2004 Bird fever
2005 Rat fever
2006 Dengue
2007 Malaria
2008 Chikun gunya
2009 Pig gunya
2010 mutton gunya
2011 emme gunya
2012 BADUKIDARE PUNYA (Means if v  r alive that itself is great)

2).Cute husbands love quote 2 express his wife :
"Even my child started 2 walk without any support but my wife still feels 2 to hold while walking.

? 1?

Ye lo 1Rs ka coin , send me sms, Kanjus ki b koi had hoti hai Or Khabardar is  1 rupaye se LOLIPOP kharida to.

3).Gunda calls customer care.A girl receives.
Gunda :Hello yaaru ?
Girl:I am Mukambika.
Gunda:Ayyo devare idu kollurige hoyta oh sorry.

4).Amruta balli mattu thulasi rasa ottige kashaaya madi daily3 sala kudidre, Kanjoos roga doora agutte.Msg maadbeku Ansutte.

5). Cute 1: A kid after being beaten by his mom was sitting out.Dad asked him,what happened son?He said,I can't adjust  with ur wife anymore,I want my own." :-)

6). Why do Engineers sleep for long hours ?
     Fantastic answer said by -" Our Dreams  are always big..!

7). Sir-Gunda shaalege dina nadkond bartiyella,govt kotta cycle yenaithu? Gunda-Sarvarigu sadupayoga agli antha baadige bittidene sir :-)

8)."Jaari Hoda Kanniru Matte Kannu seralla". "Preeti Horaatu hoda mele matte Hrudaya seralla" Ade reethi elastic hoda Chaddi' Yeste mele yalakondru nillalla..

9).When u r in love, u make wonders.!!Once married, U wonder what happened.. :-)

10). Wife ne Husband ko SMS kiya-Kitni der me  aa rake ho ?
        Husband ne jawab me SMS kiya-20-25 min me aa raha hu.Der ho jaye to ye SMS phir se padh lena .

11).Sardar : My mobile how much ?
     Customer care girl :Sir just dial 123 to know ur current bill status.
     Sardar :Current bill alla Huchhi, mobile bill.

12).Funny msg : Student wanted money.He sent a telegram to his Father:"NO MONEY, NO FUN,-UR SON.
Father replied:"HOW SAD, TOO BAD-UR DAD.

13). Jevana andmele 106 problems bartave hogtave .Avugalige hedarade sadaa nagta irbeku. Adke 1 super joke......................................idre kalsi.

14). Dear customer, we are glad to inform you that the sim cardyou are using has been provided with SMSand call facility.! Pleases use them some times..!!

X. Relationship : 

1). Short but nice line : "When nails r growing v cut our nails,not fingers.Similarly when EGO is rising, v should cut EGO not RELATIOSHIP.

2)."A true relationship should have the determination of mirror,which never loses its ability to reflect even if it is broken into 1000 pieces.

XI. National Integration : 

1). Our country is a secular country:In our country these are many religions..But keep one thing in mind..'TEMPLE' is a 6 letter word..'CHURCH' is a 6 letter word..'MOSQUE' is a 6 letter word..Also 'GEETA' is a 5 letter word..'BIBLE' is a 5 letter word..'QURAN' is a 5 letter word..Thats Unity..Even letters are in unity, why dont we ..? Think and spread and act as well..I LOVE MY INDIA.. 

List of topics never ends..

So why you  delay pick up a Mobile phone and send me SMS ...!