Sunday, December 14, 2008

DR.C.R.Chandrashekar a Psychiatrist with a difference..

Dr.C.R.Chandrashekhar, a Famous Psychiatrist from Kanataka has turned 60 on Friday . To mark this day "Kannada Vaidya Saahitya Parishat "has conducted a function yesterday in Bangalore.

I got an opportunity to attend this useful Felicitation programme yesterday evening.

Lot of Doctors from all over Karnataka had come to attend this function along with lot of fans, writers and  people from all walks.

Dr.C.R.C as he known to readers is born on December 12,1948, in small town of Channapattana in a middle class family.

He is known as the first person to write about psychiatry in Kannada.Till now he has written 159 books.! Out of which 107 books are related to Psychiatry.
I was surprised to know that his books have been translated to few languages like Urdu,English & Gujrathi also.

He is not only a Doctor,Psychiatrist,also a good Speaker  who has given a lot of programmes in Radio & Television. He is very simple living and high thinking person.

Today we can see people suffering from depression,tension & other diseases related to mind.
Psychiatrists are playing a major role in curing these diseases through medicines & counselling.

It was a memorable function as lot of books related to health,sex,Ayurveda,Homoeopathy  were on display and sale.And there was a discussion & lecture by eminent personalites.

Today(On 6th February 2011) to my Suprprise I got an opportunity to meet and speak to DR.CRC in 77th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana,which held in Bangalore ..I could spend couple of minutes with him..He is so great ,yet so simple..He is Simple living high thinking person.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Recently  I had been to " Bangalore Book festival"  along with  my wife, son and sister which held till 23rd November.

It was very good ..Books of different languages like Kannada,English,Hindi,Telugu,Malayalam,urdu,Tamil,Bengali and many other languages ........... were on display & sales.Many publishers,distributors had displayed books of different writers and on variey of topics from Literature,politics,sports,stories,autobiography,religion,health,wealth,mind,soul... Really it was like a festival for readers  & of course for sellers. There was a huge crowd.I could see people buying many books at a time...

We also purchased few books.

Now a days we can see people talking about the downward trend in reading habits in people after the invention of modern media like Television (TV) & Internet.But this has proved wrong..!
I thought untill good writers are there ,untill readers are there no media can replace books which is having their own advantages compared to TV and internet

This type of book festivals should be conducted atleast once in every 6 months not only in Big city like bangalore but also in other districts also so that it can reach all places & even to a common man....