Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Day with APJ Abdul kalam

I got an opportunity to see and listen to "Missile man of India" APJ Abdul Kalam On Thursday 29th July.

Couple of days back when   my father Shri Shivanandaiah, told me that APJ (Abdul Kalam) is coming to Blore on 29th July ,I felt it is a right opportunity to meet , see and listen to him..a person who is known as Missile man of India & who stepped down & worked and later known as a "peoples president".

On that day, function was suppose to start at 4 PM , but rain started pouring in heavily.But my enthu to meet him did not diverted my mind.Thanks to delay in flight kalam came 1 hour late.I got an opportunity to see him from very near.Took many of his  photographs Listened to him speech from a very short distance.

Although I could not take autogrpah from him, I told my younger brother Avi, to take my photograph with him as there was a heavy rush and crowd was there.I was lucky here.

Below are few of his thoughts and  ideas on that day in his speech:

1.Have a aim in life and work hard towards realizing goals.Having a small aim in life is a crime.We need to work with integrity.Its important achieve success with integrity, he said.

2.Dr.Kalam emphasized that each individual should plant 10 saplings to achieve a target of having 10 billion new trees by 2015.Encouraging youngsters to inculcate the habit of reading.Kalam advised studnets & paents to have home library to start with at least 10 books.

3.Kalam advised although corruption has spread across nation , we can start removing from root from home itself. He told if we are doing injustice or corruption in home and if we are caught by children that is the biggest insult any one can get .

By his speech no one can even imagine that he is 79 years old. We can see a bright future in his speech and a dream for India and a mankind.

Come we all will put our hands, efforts and share our knowledge and make India a developed nation.. :-)


niveditha said...

It must be a very inspiring and electrifying speech. You are lucky man!salute to your enthusiasm

Jnaneshwara said...

Nive, no doubt it was one the electrifying Speech I have ever heard..He gave simple soulutions for complex problem India is facing at this moment..Truely he is an Indian wit a global recognition..

nanditha tm said...

Beautiful thoughts. I wonder how you manage to attend such functions so often....

Jnaneshwara said...

Thanks Nandu.No doubt APJ is an asset to our nation.I am able to attend such functions mainly because :1>.Interest & Will power to attend which enhances out knowledge 2>.My youngest sister helps me in taking care sujay when needed .. :-)

niveditha said...

well said Jnani :)