Saturday, March 07, 2009

Foriegn Notes

From my child hood that is from my primary School i started collecting Stamps.Later as i grew up started collecting variety of coins of our own country India & abroad. In recent years I started collecting foreign notes(Currecny) whenever I get an opportunity ..

Although it requires time & patience and of course interest to post detailed blog of these collections , i thought to post a blog to start with a couple of foreign notes.

I used to ask my close friends if they have these notes or coins ,if they have visted western counties or any country.I am lucky to collect some of them from friend Sandeep who had visted Bangaldesh, Nigeria couple of years back & my younger brother Arvind who got an opportunity to visit US,Korea,Hongkong,UK..

Here are some of the notes.


niveditha said...

nice collection,keep up the good work,you may hold an exhibition one day!

Anonymous said...

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