Monday, August 18, 2008

India in Olympic Games

Olympic Games...Its now the time almost the whole world is eagerly watching for the Olympic Games which is going on in Beijing,China ..When it comes about Indians Performance at previous Olympic games , its not so memorable except few (like Hockey,Tennis,Weight Lifting)...Main reason of Indian sports persons not performing well is mainly due to Government, as its giving too much of Importance to Cricket.
Although Indians are performing well in Tennis,Shooting,Kabaddi,Long jump,Chess,footbal & couple of other Sports at International Competitions even Sponsors are not giving support to these sports..
A contingent of 56 athletes is representing India, and they have a support-staff of 42 officials. The athletics contingent is the largest, with 16 athletes.
"Its Good that India Won its 1st Individual Gold in present Olympic Games through Abhinav Bindra in Shooting.We Indians have a ray of hope in Boxing atleast of Bronze medal if the remaining two boxers "Jitender and Vijender" wins in quarter finals tomorrow.
Hope as time passes they will get their recognition & support..Why Goverment,people & Sponsors are not thinking about this .....?
we can get more details of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games from the Website :

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